Another State, Another License Plate; Part 4: Country House

I was delighted to have a story of mine called The Hitchhiker published by The Ogham Stone, which launched last week. Looking forward to attending the launch tomorrow of another book in which I’ll have a story published, Insplinters Anthology 2015.

This 100 word scene is part 4 of a sequence of flash fictions inspired by photo prompts called Another State, Another License Plate.

Milton Manor, Sutton Wick. CC2.0 photo by John Turner.Milton Manor, Sutton Wick. CC2.0 photo by John Turner.

Photo prompt courtesy of Flash! Friday

Warmup Wednesday!

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. 

This week’s Warmup Wednesday challenge: Borrow a song title for your story’s title.

Country House

Gravel crunches beneath our feet.

“We would have lost that foal. I owe you.”

I cringe in guilt. When will he ask where I came from, how I arrived on his property in the middle of nowhere? Seeking to steal a horse, to replace a stolen car, evidence, abandoned on the road a few miles away.

The path meanders around a lake, a duplicitous mirror in the dim light. From under the cover of trees, the house is revealed, a mansion. I lose count of the windows when I see my stolen car, dwarfed by its shadow. Does he know?

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