Another state, another license plate. Part 2.

You want more? You got more!

A sequel was requested, read it here. With more to follow!

I know how to break into cars and steal them silently away, but I know nothing about engines. When smoke, pouring from the engine, obscures my view, I feel panic. Where is he when I need him? He would know what to do. My dead father is still silent when the car rolls slowly to a halt. Not talking to me, I presume because I ignored his attempts to stop me from misappropriating the car.

I take my screwdriver from my backpack, remove the license plate and slide it in with all the others. I consider opening the hood to have a look at the still steaming engine but it’s pointless. Time to move on. I have to abandon the car, evidence of my crime, no longer of any use to me. Something I need to distance myself from.

My shadow stretches out behind me as I stride into the blank road ahead. A fuzzy cloud of midges accompany me, buzzing around my head, nipping at my ears.

The sun is beginning to dip when I spot the outline of a house or barn on the horizon. In the sky above crows are circling, spiralling as if being sucked into a whirlpool. The smell of animals grows more pungent as I get closer.

The whinny of a horse on the wind, inspires my mind to strategize, come up with a quick exit plan. As the stables come into view I have visions of my escape, galloping off into the sunset.

To be continued…

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5 Responses to Another state, another license plate. Part 2.

  1. Francesca Smith says:

    Great continuation! The descriptions made me imagine I was there with him, and those short sentences really work well, as they offer an insight into his character and way of thinking. I am definitely looking forward to what will come next.


  2. Frederick says:

    You sure know how to give your readers what they want! This was an amazing sequel. Thank you!! Looking forward to the next instalments. 😀


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