Flash! Friday: Jackpot

 The Beggar. CC2.0 photo by Foto_Michel.

Image: The Beggar. CC 2.0 photo by Foto_Michel.

Image sourced: flashfriday.wordpress.com

Here’s my Flash Fiction story called Jackpot, written for Flash! Friday.


Inspired by the photo prompt above. Required story element this week: Character: spy

To be eligible for the Golden Ticket contest, the word “ticket” must be included somewhere in the story itself.


I always dreamed of winning the lottery, a unique combination of logic and magic. As a child I lay in bed conjuring up the things I would buy, inflatable swimming pools, swings and slides. As an adult the compulsion to buy a ticket has never left. Even when I shouldn’t.

It’s linked to my special relationship with numbers. My solace, maths helped me make sense of the world, calculations made things safe. My aptitude made them seek me out, recruit me as a special agent. Equations can predict behaviour. If you watch people long enough you can tell lots about what to expect, what’s going to happen next.

Dreams can come true. Sometimes it’s just the wrong place and time. I never anticipated this. My chosen sequence of numbers unfurled themselves onto my television screen. I punched the air, did a celebratory-bum-wiggling dance then realised.

Lotto tickets are evidence, bought in a particular place and time. A place and time I officially wasn’t in. To cash in my winning ticket would blow my cover, undermine serious international diplomatic relations.

Subtle observing is my speciality. I stake out the city, put my espionage skills to use, choosing carefully before I casually deposit the winning ticket into a beggar’s cup.

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