Another state, another license plate.

Here’s my flash fiction story written in response to Sunday Photo Fiction

copyright- Joe Owens 2015

Another state, another license plate.

The wire slides neatly into the slit. I wiggle. It catches.

The question.

“If you weren’t here doing this what would you be doing?”

This isn’t the time for existential philosophical contemplation or discussion. Stealth, speed silence are what’s required of this moment. So I wait until we are inside to answer my dead father.

With the wiggle of wire, there is a click. I have the door open. We slide into the cream new leather upholstery smell. In the muffled silence I answer.

“Probably the same thing but in a different state.”

Plastic cover removed, I touch two different coloured cables together. They spark. The energy of their electricity releases a flicker of flame, the light of ignition.

Ra ra ra, the smooth hum as the engine growls to life. The spirit of the vehicle resurrected.


I know what he’s up to. Haunting me with his questions. Making me wonder if there’s more to life. A purpose other than my relentless pilgrimage for him. He’s persistent.

And so am I.

I will drive until I am in a new state, with new laws to escape from my crime. One car leads me to the next. A chain of state slates. Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Kansas. I have a clear vision of my shrine to the man who taught me to drive, gave me a purpose.

The engine purrs into gear. The car rolls smoothly away stretching towards a new future. Another state, another license plate.

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6 Responses to Another state, another license plate.

  1. Francesca Smith says:

    Wow, that is quite a story you have written! The short sentences work very well, for in my opinion, it shows his need to think quick, and the father being his inner voice is clever. Obviously, something is going wrong up there.


  2. emmaleene says:

    Thanks Francesca! Glad you liked it. Yes he’s not really coping well with his grief! Thanks for reading.


  3. LOL! He’s a car thief on a pilgrimage to build a shrine for his dead father. Very creative! I enjoyed reading it.


  4. Frederick says:

    Haha I enjoyed this very much! It’s quite a creative take to the photo prompt.
    Can we have a follow up or a sequel please? 🙂


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