Warmup Wednesday!

Here’s my story, for Flash Friday’s Warm up Wednesday
The Trap
I wriggle through the gap. Bramble’s curved fangs snag on my ponytail. I don’t care. I am about to collect the first nut dropped this season from the magic wishing tree.
I watched the little knot grow, couldn’t wait for it to drop. This morning I could smell the ripeness on the breeze. Arrived to find it gone from tree, snuggled with leaves on ground.
I scoop up the tiny wooden brain, relish the stolen texture.
Then I see Julia’s bike. My best friend missing for a year now. Shadows skulk in shrinking light. Someone’s behind me.
I’m trapped, missing.

Flash! Friday

Directions: Write a scene or an entire story of 100 words on the nose (no more, no fewer), inspired by this photograph. No judging. All fun. (Normal Flash! Friday guidelinesregarding content apply.)
Don’t forget to add your Twitter handle & link to your blog, if you please.

And a few words on how your week’s going would be nice.

 This week’s challenge: Emotional Rollercoaster! Start with one emotion and end with its opposite (eg start sad and end happy, or start happy and end sad).

PD photo by Skitterphoto, at Pixabay. PD photo by Skitterphoto, at Pixabay.

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